Andrew Charlton: MPhil in Economics at Oxford

Andrew Charlton attended Oxford University in pursuit of his Master’s Degree in Economics, or the MPhil. On the school’s website, they describe the program as so: “The MPhil is designed to provide training in economics at graduate level. It is comparable to the first two years of a PhD programme at the best US universities. The MPhil provides a solid foundation for progressing to the DPhil (PhD) programme at Oxford or elsewhere. If you do not wish to progress to a doctorate, the MPhil provides an excellent foundation for a career as a professional economist. Numerous MPhil graduates have gone on to distinguished careers in economics or related fields. This is the course recommended if you have not undertaken any previous postgraduate work in economics.”

This degree opens up many opportunities for its holders, as described on Oxford’s website. “A number of MPhil in Economics students stay on in Oxford to do the DPhil in Economics. Others go on to do internships (e.g. European Commission, OECD, IMF), work in the public/private sector (Bank of England, NERA, Goldman Sachs) or go onto PhD courses elsewhere.”

After receiving his MPhil in Economics, Charlton then went on to obtain his DPhil from the same school. From there, he published a handful of books and essays, worked as the Senior Economic Adviser to former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, and also helped boost liquor department sales in Wesfarmers’ corporate offices.