Lucas Randrianarivelo

Day 1

Today, was my first day of Circuit Camp at Maker Camp. It was fun to see familiar faces and new faces. After we "Broke Ice" and introduced ourselves, we went outside and played sprout tag. A game in which I dominated everyone in. When we came back inside and cooled off, we started on these robots called Finches. And it was my first time programing Finches and programming in the language "Scratch". I was working with 11 year old Yasser. We made multiple subroutines for when we pushed a button to complete a command. We discovered that the farther we made our robot go the faster it would go. In the end we came in second, I am satisfied with how our robot performed and Yasser was fun to work with.

Day 2

Today, we first learned about circuit. We started the day off by reading Fidelis about direct circuits, alternate circuits, squishy circuits, and snap circuits. Later we got into groups (Charles, Eliot, and Bridget) and we created a Christmas, with two pokemons, two presents, and Santa. We won most creative. After we worked on Snap circuits. It was pretty cool. We won Most creative again because we did not follow the book. Note: Never go to Sam's Bagles they have terrible ice coffee.

Day 3

Today, we learned about Arduinos. We read and watched videos about bread boards, and then we did some hand-on experience with the bread boards. Our project was to use the bread board and Arduino to get the LED light to flicker. In the end, it was on mistake that kept me from completing the task at hand. I put the positive LED side in the negative socket. "It is [funny] how technology can be depleted just by a mouse chewing on the wrong cord."

Day 4

Today, started very rough. We had only one counselor present, and he was put on the spot. We decided to make eye-catchers. I drew the American flag on the cardboard box. In the end mine turned out very well. After we worked on Mackey mackey.

Day 5

Today, I discovered that I wanted to modify a remote control car for me final project. Since I did not have a RC car today I made a Universal Controller that I hope will be able to be used on my Xbox to play games.

Day 6

Today, was awesome. I modified my RC car it goes about 2x faster. After I fixed the speed I then added LEDs and lights for stripes. In all I am happy with my final project and I hope it impress the parents tomorrow.

Final Day

Today, our last day of camp was hectic. I had to completely redo my final project in the span of 2 hours. I finished making it go super fast but in stopped being able to turn.