Norvell Group and Associates Manufacturers Review: Quality & Environment

Quality Statement

It is the goal of Artesyn Embedded Technologies to maintain its position as a worldwide leading supplier in the power supply manufacturing industry by providing quality products and services which meet or exceed customers' current and future expectations.

Quality is therefore essential and fundamental to the company's continuous success. We recognize that this quality will be achieved by:

  • a Total Quality Management approach where every employee, supplier and customer is regarded as an essential part of the process;
  • an error-free performance standard, based on prevention and a 'right-first-time' attitude;
  • implementing and maintaining a quality system in compliance with ISO standards and relevant international safety regulatory requirements;
  • using statistical techniques commensurate with technological developments within the company, aiming at continuous quality improvement;
  • development of all personnel through training at all levels of the company's operations.

The objective and expectation is for customers to have full confidence in Artesyn Embedded Technologies. Their satisfaction is fundamental to the company's long-term development. This will come from the efforts of each employee, in conjunction with supportive participation from all levels of management. Therefore Artesyn Embedded Technologies, its management and staff, are committed to the above philosophy and objectives.

Position Statement of Artesyn Embedded Technologies Concerning the EU REACH Regulation

Artesyn Embedded Technologies is aware of, and assessing, developments in European Union legislation regarding the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals pursuant to the REACH Regulation (EC) 1907/2006.

Artesyn Embedded Technologies is aware that under the REACH Regulation, which entered into force on 1 June 2007, the "manufacturer" and "importer" as well as "downstream user" of chemical substances, on their own, in preparations or in articles, that fall within the definitions of the REACH Regulation will bear certain responsibilities with respect to manufacturing, importation, placing on the market and use of chemical substances.

The compliance measures of Artesyn Embedded Technologies will, inter alia, include a close cooperation with the European Chemicals Agency as well as the responsible national authorities whenever required and a timely submission of all relevant communications to the European Chemicals Agency.

Furthermore, Artesyn Embedded Technologies is in contact with its suppliers to ensure that the required pre-registrations and registrations will be effected.

Artesyn Embedded Technologies will make its best efforts to obtain all information on the substances used in order to assess the risks arising from the uses and to ensure that the risks which the substances may present are properly managed and in order to pass the required information up and down the supply chain. In particular, Artesyn Embedded Technologies is working with its suppliers to ensure that it receives all necessary information on SVHC in order to be able to fulfill its related obligations, inter alia, to ensure notification requirements are met, if applicable, and to pass the relevant information about SVHC on to its customers.

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