Traffic cones - when was the last time you spotted them on roads?

They are light weight. They are bright in colors. And they are so very affordable. For some strange reasons, I find these cones very cute!

Now here is question for you: where did you see these cones the last time?

Did you come across them while driving your car to office? Or, you found them kept together in a formation next to a road or around a construction site?

Okay, don't worry. I just want to tell you that traffic cones have become sort of omnipresent. No matter where you are on roads and flyovers, rural areas or metro cities, you are bound to come across them.

Do they serve any purpose at all?

Yes, they do. And that's why they have been there on roads and flyovers and parking lots for years. Over time, however, they kept on getting better, looks and performance wise.

Take a close look at a traffic cone and you'll unmistakably come across a product that is built of high quality materials and colored to be seen from quite a distance.

Traffic cones manufacturers in India have started employing cutting-edge production technology and high quality materials to manufacture traffic cones for their customers.

Who buys these cones, anyways?

Traffic management authorities - they need to be on roads day in and day out and manage the flow of traffic. Traffic cones help them in traffic management, especially when the main road is under construction and the traffic has to be diverted to some other directions.

Construction companies - construction companies are always digging a site and making buildings. They need to ensure safety of their workers as well as of those who walk or drive in and around their construction sites. Traffic cones help these companies warn the motorists, cyclists and their own workers about any danger that may get into due to the construction work.

Which companies are involved in the manufacturing of traffic cones?

There are quite a number of companies that are into the manufacturing of traffic cones and several other road safety products.

Most of their customers are repeat customers; of late, several smart traffic cones manufacturers in India have also begun to leverage digital properties to reach out to new markets and customers. They are getting their websites built by professional agencies and ensuring that their customers do not find it difficult in browsing through their selection of products and can also place bulk orders for their products.

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