Tomorrow’s India would require massive skilled manpower to survive and thrive

Indian Economy has progressed massively in these 6 decades after its independence from the British rule. Quite recently, we became the first country in the world to successfully place our space craft in the orbit of the mars in the very first attempt. We also have an added advantage of continuously growing working population, in the age group of 20 to 35. However, despite all this growth and working-population-advantage, our top and rest of the sectors and employers have been struggling for people who can take up job roles in their organisations. Organised retail, insurance, hospitality, and automobile are amongst the sectors, which require great numbers of skilled youth for their growing operations throughout the country.

Formal education and degrees are great; however, sufficient and consistent supply of skilled manpower can be ensured only through vocational skills training programs.

National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) is playing a significant role in empowering the youth of the country by skilling them for the high employment generating sectors. NSDC is a one of its kind public-private partnership, and promotes skill development initiatives in the country by partnering with companies that provide large-scale vocational training in India.

One of the biggest challenges in skills development is the perception of students and their families towards skill development; they perceive vocational training and occupations inferior to formal education and training. Though government and its agencies have been working to educate people about the benefits of vocational skills training, change in the current perception is likely to take a lot more time. The authorities have begun introducing vocational education right at the school level; this practice will ensure that students possess at least basic skills for the job market right after their schools, or take up diploma and certificate programs in those courses after completing their schools.

If India is to take the front seat in the world market, it has to work on its young population and skill them to take up hundreds of job roles in the emerging and existing businesses. Else the growing young population might not be of any benefit for the economy, which happens to be one of the very few countries to have such vast numbers of youth. Skills development initiatives are sure to bring out encouraging results; however, the government and its agencies have to come out with a lot more to match up the demands generated by the sectors for skilled manpower.

Skill development is the key to India’s economic growth in the coming decades. And vocational skills training programs prove immensely beneficial in driving skill development. For more on  vocational training in India , please read our other articles.

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