Five Best Places to Visit in Europe

Europe is a mystical land surrounded with lush green landscapes and beautiful sites that will steal your breath away. There are wonderful sites and cities in Europe that will surely amaze your mind. Before you decide to go for Europe journey, here are a few places that you should look at.

1> Rome

Rome is the best place to visit to understand the ancient history of the European civilization. From the majestic basilicas to exotic grounds, you will be able to marvel the beauties of the ancient Roman civilization at its best here.

2> Paris

Marvelled as the city of love, you will be able to see the exotic Eiffel tower, taste some fine cuisines, gaze at the monuments, and finally take a walk along the busy streets of France. A trip to this amazing destination will surely bemuse your senses with its blinding lights, fragrances, and fashionista lifestyle.

3> Barcelona

From the beauty of the beach-side nightclubs to the majestic nature of churches and cathedrals, Barcelona has it all placed in one place. The lifestyle here is laid back and you could use Euros to trade things. There are several services available to buy Euros online here. Immerse yourself in its diverse culture and engage in adventure activities that will steal your breath away.

4> Budapest

From rich night clubs to rejuvenating thermal baths, the city of Budapest will impress you with its diversified offerings and engaging culture. Apart from being the political capital of Hungary, it is also a city of historical importance.

5> Amsterdam

Fresh fruits and long bicycle rides along the unwinding country roads, this is the best way to describe the city of Amsterdam. Apart from the ravishing night-life here, you can engage in experiencing the greener side of Europe by taking long walks and journeys around this city.