Andy Simons

Andy Simons: Reading

Andy Simons is someone who loves to read. No matter the subject, he often likes to dig into a good book and take all he can from the message of the writer as well as appreciate the style and rhetoric of some of the world’s most fames authors as well as those who have yet to get the recognition that they deserve. Below, he shares what a few of his favorite genres are, and why he can relate to those subjects the most.

Medical Books

As a practicing physical therapist, Andy Simons grew a connection to medical text through his time in medical school. Reading about the developments in medical research and technology is fascinating to him, and it helps him be more thorough in his own approach as a doctor. By knowing more about the medical field as a whole, it empowers him to handle even the most complicated of patient inquiries.

Sports Books

As a long time sports buff, Andy Simons can always appreciate a good sports story. He especially likes to read the biographies of star players on his favorite sports teams, and learn of their personal stories of triumph and success. He has found these stories to be an inspiration to his own life, where he has embraces sports as a competitor, instructor and medical professional.


For fun, Andy Simons can also appreciate a good fiction story. He enjoys how skilled some storytellers are and the characters they can develop into protagonists and antagonists that others can truly relate to.

Andy Simons: Houston Texans

Andy Simons has waited all of his life for a football franchise that he could get behind. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, he had both the social as well as the geographical inclination to side with the Dallas Cowboys, however he never felt much of a connection with the team. Plus, he is not a big fan of Jerry Jones which had also deterred him from having any loyalty to one of the NFL’s most popular and most money-making franchises. He also tried to get into the Houston Oilers, but he just couldn’t convince himself to develop an allegiance with any team from his home state. And then the Texans came around, branding a name that could literally be used to describe Simon, and bringing a lineup that is not only fresh in appearance but is also very exciting to watch.

While the Houston Texans did not have the best season in 2014 and will most likely not end up with a playoff slot, that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to celebrate about the team’s incredible progress as well as the stars that have emerged. The team’s defense has been high in performance all this year, with JJ Watt’s explosive performances causing several turnovers and touchdowns caused by them. Arian Foster has been spectacular in the running back position, and has broken some records in his few years of play. That, in combination with the abilities of quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick brings much hope to the future of this franchise.

Andy Simons: Common Hiking Injuries

Hiking, too can be a dangerous activity at times, says Andy Simons. He’s not even talking about the extreme Everest-style of trekking either, but even a short hike throughout the Austin woods can prove perilous at times if one is ill-prepared or simply unfortunate. Luckily for Simons, a hike has never turned dangerous in his experience but he has helped treat people with injuries they received both while on and off the trail. Below, he shares what some of these injuries are so that you can be more aware of the potential dangers of going on a hike.

Animal Attacks

When out in nature, the opportunity to encounter wildlife is always present. More times than not, the creatures will be startled by your human presence and scurry off into hiding. But there are those instances where an animal can fell surprised and therefore compelled to attack. People have been attacked by bears, bitten by snakes and suffered other such wildlife attacks while on the trail. SoAndy Simons says it is always best to be aware of the environment you are hiking in and to be mindful of any wildlife you may encounter.

Poisonous Plants

Poisonous plants are also a hazard on many nature trails, and some of their effects at times can be worse than those of animal attacks. Poison ivy and poison oak are two examples of plants that can cause short to long term effects on one’s health and well-being determined by their own tolerance of the toxic substances emitted by such plants.

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