The Respiratory System

By:Puja Bhat

The respiratory system is vital to the whole functioning of the body. This system is essential in bringing in the oxygen required by every aspect of the body, from oxygen the cells need to function and replace cells that have died to the oxygen the muscles need. It also removes harmful gases such as carbon dioxide from the body.

Functions of the major organs in the respiratory system.

Nose                       Lets air enter and exit our body.

Larynx                   Lets air enter into the lungs.

Pharynx                Lets the air pass from the mouth to the lungs.

Bronchi                 Lets passage of air into the lungs.  

Diaphragm           Lets the lungs expand.

Alveoli                  Exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide gases take place here.

Lungs                   Transfers oxygen found in the atmosphere into the blood stream      and                                       the release of carbon dioxide into the air.


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