Madam C.J Walker


Childhood Experiences

Madam C.J. Walker Had To Experience Life Without Parents.She Was The First Child Born That Wasn't An Slave.By The Time She Was Seven Both Her Mother And Father Had Died.Her Older Sister Had Took Care Of Her.While Sarah Was Fourteen ,She Had Gotten Maried;Six Years Later Her Husband Had Died.Sarah And Her Daughter,Lelia,Moved Where Her Brother Lived In St.Louis Missouri.Even Though Sarah Had A Rough Time As A Child, She Still Got Her Education.

Contributions To Society

Madam C.J. Walker Invented Products That Were Made Specialy For The Hair Of African American.Also, Hair Products Was Fewer,Made For Her Race Hair Type.She Took An Job Which Was Selling These Products.Sarah Soon Had A Successful Business In Sales.Sarah Gave Money To Help The Younger People Go To College.Madam C.J. Walker Was The First Female African American To Be Successful In Business

Awards And Honors

Madam C.J. Walker Has Been Remembered Of Her Contribution To Society.Sarah Has Beeen Honored By The National Women's Hall Of Fame In Seneca,Falls,New York;American Healthy And Beauty Aids Institute Hall Of FameIn Chicago;And Also The Black Wax Museun In Baltimore.Sarah Hadn't Recieved Any Awards,But She Did Recieve Alot Of Agnolligentment From NAACP,2012

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