Year 8 - Digital News

In this unit, we will be researching and writing about technology and creating a digital news website as a year group.

Project Brief: As a year group, work together to create a technology news blog or website aimed at your age group.

Lesson 1

1. Look at some examples of technology news websites or technology sections of newspaper websites. Here are some ideas:

Talk to a partner about what you think makes the website successful and what you think could be improved. Does the website appeal to your age group? What would make it more appealing?

2. In Word, write ideas for a topic you might like to research and write an article about. It must be linked to technology in some way. Here are some ideas:

- An article about the types of websites people your age like to use

- Reviews of games, apps or devices (these must be age-appropriate)

- An article about the future of technology

- An article about a particular type of technology, such as 3D printing or virtual reality

- A 'Top 5' style piece (Top 5 online music players, Top 5 games websites, etc)

- A piece about why young people should learn to code

These are just ideas - use your imagination and try to think of something that you're genuinely interested in!

If you finish, you can start to research your topic.