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Three concepts



My platform is a PS Vita, a handheld device made by Sony. The device offers a variety of different inputs which are unique to the platform. It has both a front and rear touch screen, cameras on the front and back and is the first handheld to have two analogue sticks.

Words: Fry, Scold, Snore


1. Set within a man's mind while he's asleep. The protagonist is his young self, exploring his past with his parents. The main memories that he explores is the time that his mother was electrocuted, and the aftermath of such (emotional strain, family breaking apart, mourning the loss) and the experiences with his unpleasent, grouchy father who constantly complained about him. The world will only have three colors. Black, grey and white. The world around him will be black and grey, but himself will be white. As he progresses, the roles will switch and he will become black and the world will become grey and white.

Puzzle-solving will be a core dynamic of the game, as well as survival as you run away from monsters that lurk within your mind as you cannot fight back. Their will be aspects of running and jumping, solving physical puzzles that obstruct your way.

2. Set in the eyes of a child. The game focuses around exploring the house while the parents are sleeping and snoring on a late night. The scenery will be trashy, heaps of garbage stacked high, with ruined furniture tucked in the corners of the room. The goal is to reach the kitchen without waking up your parents, otherwise you will get caught and dragged back to your room.

The game will have some aspects of puzzle solving, finding your way through the house in order to reach your goal. Survival is also involved, as you must go around without getting caught. You will only be able to move around at walking speed, which limits the game progression. Stealth is huge part of the game, as you MUST move around without getting caught.

3. You play the role of a once abusive brother

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