River Birch

Catherine Cooley

Light Requirements: Full Sun
Size at Maturity: 25-30 feet (Height) & 15-30 feet (Spread)
Used for Land Accents and Personal Design in Landscaping
Colors: Green then Yellow in Fall.
Loses Leaves in the Winter.
Fun Fact: Multiple Trunks in One Spot.

Sugar Maple

Light Requirements: Full Sun
Mature Size: 30-50 Feet (Height) 30-40 feet (Spread)
Used as a shade tree in landscaping
In the fall the leaves turns dark green to red and orange to yellow leaves
loses leaves in the fall/winter
Fun fact: produces sweet maple sap for syrup.

Honey Locust

Light Requirements: Full Sun
Mature Size = 30 to 70 feet (height) and 30 to 70 feet (spread)
Used for shade trees in landscaping
Fall Colors are yellow
Loses it's leaves in fall and winter
Fun Fact: Has Huge thorns