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America, one of the greatest countries in the world where many cultures come together to live free and in peace. A blue, white, and red flag with 50 stars and 13 stripes represents our freedom, purity, and honor. The bald eagle, the striking symbol of Americas strength, bravery, courage, and freedom. One nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Karl Marx

Karl Marx, one of the great pioneers of sociology. Marx developed a set of beliefs called Marxism, where society was defined by two separate classes: Business Owners and workers. Marx also created the modern structure of society.

Herbert Spencer

Herbert Spencer, a sociologist that was influenced by Charles Darwin. Spencer believed in survival of the fittest, and that only the strongest societies would thrive. Coined the term "Social Darwinism."

Auguste Comte

Auguste Comte is basically the founder of Sociology. He wanted to find a solution to chaos. He believed in order and change. He was the founder of sociology and was the first one to use the word social statistics.

Functionalist & Conflict Perspectives

The Functionalist Perspective is the belief that all parts of society are interdependent but they all come together as a whole. This can also be thought of individuals that all play a role in society because of their different skills. We may have engineers, doctors, lawyers, all of these jobs and people come together to make a well rounded society.

Conflict perspective is greatly defined by Karl Marx, where society is based on competition between individuals for resources. One example that comes to mind are slaves and slave owners. The slave owners completely have control over their slaves. It might not always be that extreme in the modern world but it's still present between the bosses and the working class.

Material and Non-material culture

Material culture can be described as actual physical objects. Things such as tv's, phones, and clothes are things we value a lot so they are part of our culture.

Nonmaterial Culture are things that are not actual objects such as values and beliefs.

American Culture Categories

Symbol- Anything that stands for something. Ex: American Flag, Bald Eagle..

Language- Organization of written or spoken symbols into a standardized system. Ex: English, Spanish, French

Values- Shared beliefs about what is good or bad, right or wrong. Ex: Honesty

Norms- Shared rules of conduct that tell people how to act in certain situations. Ex: using manners

Folkways- Norms that don't have great significance to them. Ex: Doing homework

Mores- Norms that have great moral significance attached to it. Ex: Committing Crimes

Culture vs Society

Culture is defined as groups with shared characteristics, and society is mutually interdependent people who all chard common characteristics and have a sense of unity. Culture is basically just the bigger version of society.

American Culture

America the beautiful is probably one of the most known songs about the USA. It shows how proud Americans are to live in such a great country. Americans are free and that's why we have so many immigrants coming to our country. We Americans are very very busy people always trying to be the one to lead the way in technology and industrial advancement which puts us ahead of everyone else. Our military is one of the strongest in the world because of how much pride we have in them. It has taken a while to get to where we are today, and there are many world changing events that forged this great country we live in today , The United States of America.

Culture Trait:

A culture trait is a learned system of beliefs, norms, traditions and symbols that each person has that is communicated through society. It is basically simplified as "normal" things to do. It is also communicated through all other cultures and shared by all the humans of world. One example could be wearing clothes or or not interrupting someone. Whatever normal thing you can think of is probably a culture trait.

Culture Patterns

Culture Patterns are described as wide beliefs all across the country that most Americans share. One example is the holidays of Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween. Most Americans celebrate these holidays so it is a culture pattern. Another example could be sports. Many Americans watch or play sports and it is just kind of a normal thing the whole country does. That is the definition of a Culture Pattern.

The Brady Bunch Connection

The Brady bunch is a pretty good example of American Culture. We like to have competitions with each other, watch sports, and overall just hangout and be a family. The Brady Bunch is a little too perfect though. The family always gets along and theres really no arguing or anything that I saw from one episode. It does depict American culture in the past a little more than it does today.

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