The fragrance of wood burning in the fire pit. The wonderful aroma of pumpkin pie flowing through my Mema’s home on Thanksgiving Day. The sweet scent of apples that hits my nose as I drink some cold cider. The spice of the air outside that is so crisp, fresh and cool. This is what my favorite season smells like.
I notice the beautiful colors of the trees around my home change almost daily. I watch my favorite football players run up and down the field on weekends. I witness the children go up and down the street asking for candy on Halloween. I see people enjoying the many festivals in our community. This is what my favorite season looks like.
I listen as the dry leaves crinkle under my feet. I hear the fans cheer our team to a win on Friday night. Children are laughing and having fun as they go house to house on a spooky night. The fire cracks loudly as we try to stay warm while roasting marshmallows over our fire pit. This is what my favorite season sounds like.
The tender, juicy turkey my grandma serves is so good. The creaminess of my mom’s pumpkin pie is so sweet. I love finding my favorite candy in my halloween bag. The caramel apples, hot chocolate and apple cider are so delectable. This is what my favorite season tastes like.
My favorite season makes me feel so happy. The days are warm on my skin. The nights are cool, so I get to wear my best hoodie. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The atmosphere of my favorite time of year is like no other. It is a wonderful time of year, and for all the reasons I’ve listed it is the best season of all.

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