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          Depression- depression is when someone feels sad or down in the dumps  longer            than 2 or 3 weeks.


1.) Lifetime prevalence for depression doubles for females than males. This may partially due to men not getting treatment and not getting diagnose.

2.) Only 61.7% of those with the disorder receive treatment, and of those, 43.1% receive "minimally adequate" treatment.

3.) A myth  states that children are immune to depression. Believe it or not kids can also get depressed.

4.) Depression is a real and important illness which is caused by a chemical imbalance in your brain.

5.) Nearly 30% of people who substance abuse problems also suffer from depression.

How Does Depression happen/ What Causes It

Depression happens a lot. Depression can occur from genetic predisposition to the result of chronic illnesses. Some kinds of depression are linked with seasonal variation in sunlight exposure, the length of the day or weather or not allergens are present.

     Depression is also linked to anxiety and stress. Someone who is prone to depression may be triggered by a particularly difficulty. the loss of a loved one, a divorce, incarceration, getting fired- all of these major life events increase the risk of depression.

What Are Symptoms or Signs Of Depression

symptom # 1.) depressed mood - when someone feels sad or down in the dumps

symptom # 2.) decreased pleasure or interest- a person may be interested in something they used to like

symptom # 3.) weight changes- Significant changes in someone weight

symptom # 4.) sleep disturbances- insomnia or sleeping too much may be a symptom

symptom # 5.) fatigue- a loss of energy

symptom # 6.) feeling Worthlessness- feeling like there is no purpose for you to be on earth

Who Tries To Help People Who Suffer From Depression?

parents usually help people cop with depression. parents can help kids cop with depression by helping them feel like someone is their with them  giving them a shoulder to cry on. Guidance counselors can help too. Guidance Counselors help by  Guiding them to do the right thing. And teach them how to get out of the situation.

Why Is It Important For People To Know About Depression

Clinical depression is a condition that can quickly take control over someone's life. If depression get severe it can the person that has depression may think about killing themselves.  When someone is depressed they think literally of everything in a negative way. People that is depressed feel like life is not worth living , so they feel like they should end. It is very Important for people to show affection and import to the individuals who have depression because they could end their life or someone's else.

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