by lauren taylor

In Session 1 of Immunology  me and my partner completed personal immune system health assessment.  we also, I identified types of blood cells that are part of the immune system . then we identified structures that are a part of the immune system.

In session 2 we distinguished antibodies from antigens. and we also explained how the body's immune system defense works.

In session 3 we learned how the advancement of microscopes has helped the field medicine. and we learned how to take care of and handle the microscope.

In session 4 we classified bacteria from smallest to biggest. we also identified bacteria based on the shape, grouping and staining.

In session 5 we labeled the different structures in a micrograph of the virus. we also compared the size of human cells with bacterial cells, and viruses.

In session 6 we learned how protists and fungi can become pathogenic. we identified methods of treatment and prevention of protists and fungal diseases.

In session 7 we discovered the benefits and the risks of exposure to sunlight. and developed a personal immune health plan to boost our immune systems.

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