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The Phone

The phone was an important invention. Italian innovator Antonio Meucci was credited with inventing the first phone in 1849, but Alexander Graham Bell won the first U.S patent for the phone in 1876. The phone or telephone is a telecommunications device that allows two people to have a conversation if they are not in the same area to be heard directly. Although the phone was a brilliant invention and it let people communicate in an easier way, it had many downsides also. Such as, the phone lead to the creation and destruction of jobs. Jobs like messenger boys, telegraphers, and operators were no longer needed. It also had the upside of broadening the range of people someone could interact with. This made long distance relationships possible and it helped people keep close bonds with families and communities. A telephone has a transmitter and a receiver. When someone speaks into a telephone, the sound waves of their voice enters the mouthpiece and an electric current carries the sound to the telephone of the person you are talking to. Today's version of a phone is a smart phone. The smartphone is like a computer in your hand, you can access the internet, play games, call and text, get on your email, and much more. Unlike the old times, today pretty much everyone has a phone. The advance in technology and making the phone impacted the North and South in many different ways. For one it really upscaled the South because the South was mainly based off of Farming and Agriculture and it was hard to get around to talk to other people because they were at work on their small plantations, but the phone helped them be able to reach each other much easier. The North on the other hand, worked out of factories so the agricultural work that the South had to do by hand was done in machines in the North so it was much quicker to do which brought in more income. Also it was much easier to get around to see other people and communicate with them so the phone wasn't as essential to the North as to the South.