CNC Manufactoring

Ashlyn Woods

Session 1

In session 1, we learned how to work a Z-Mill. We learned the different parts and what all of the buttons do. We also learned how to use raw materials. We also learned the different stages of manufacturing.

Session 2

We learned how to measure the Z-Mill correctly. We manually milled a square with the Z-Mill.

Session 3

We manually milled a diagonal line and a circle on to the square. We used the Z-Mill.

Session 4

In this session we learned how to use the Cartesian coordinate system. We learned how this is used with the Z-Mill. That it is used to find the home position if the cutter.

Session 5 & 6

In these sessions, we milled on the Z-Mill with the computer. In session 5, we milled our names. In session 6, we milled a picture.

Session 7

In session 7, we used the computer to mill on the Z-Mill. We picked a design and wrote text to be carved into the material.

Careers in CNC Manufacturing

A career in CNC Manufacturing is a CNC Machine Control Programmer. There is an opening in Chicago.