Milwaukee Passport 3:
~The Pabst Mansion~

While visiting the Pabst Mansion, I observed beautiful architecture and historical artifacts around the Mansion. Though some of the furniture and items such as couches and small decorations have been restored or replaced by similar objects, I thought that the mansion was beautiful and served as s true time capsule to the time of Captain Pabst.

While looking around the mansion, two things caught my eye that I believe depict Captain Pabst's connection to the water and those two things were his music room and the beautiful painting "Farewell to the Homeland." While looking at his music room, there were many architectural elements that reminded me of water. In particular, I noticed that there were marine/nautical paintings and a music box that played a song called "Across the Sea." Those small details and elements must have had some sort of sentimental value to Captain Pabst if they were in his home. The painting, "Farewell to the Homeland" was BEAUTIFUL! And i loved the symbolism of the people who were eagerly leaving the boat and those who's expressions and actions depicted true sorrow and sadness. This painting must have had some sort of symbolic value to Captain Pabst and his journey to America, and perhaps his many trips back to Germany.

Captain Pabst and especially his wife reflect the historical trends of the time especially in the Mrs.Pabst Parlor. The French trend French Rococo was very popular at the time and so the Parlor depicts that to the fullest with all of the frill and colors. Regarding the United States and Milwaukee's water history, Captain Pabst was a very famous steam boat captain and he was a big influence with Milwaukee's industry, trade, and transport on the coast of Lake Michigan. He contributed to the city's growth economically and socially and for that Milwaukee should always remember Captain Frederick Pabst.

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