7 Wonderful Singaporean Treats

This is a particular summer favorite, especially when it’s mixed with milk, coffee jelly, ice cream, and even fruits. The refreshing taste makes it a favorite for many. Cold bean curd, Singapore’s favorite sweet treat, is not the only notable delish treat that the country has to offer though. Read on to find more.

  • 2. Otak/ Olah

While the name does mean brain, it’s not exactly composed of brain matter. It probably got its name from the mashed fish the snack is made of. Fish meat is first mashed and when it reaches a certain consistency,is then mixed with coconut milk, a dollop of chili paste is added and some spices. Then the mixture is wrapped in banana leaves before finally being grilled over charcoal. The end result is the popular otak snack.

  • 3. Curry puff

When it’s time for tea, curry puff is one of the most common snack choices that Singaporeans go for. Best eaten when hot, the curry puff’s winning secret lies in the curry potato filling. Some add slices of chicken and eggs to improve add to the overall taste too. Because of the growing popularity of puffs, other variants have also made their way into the market: puffs filled with chicken, tuna, Spanish sardines and even sweet yam.

  • 4. Ice Kachang

When it’s hot and Singaporeans feel the humidity getting to them, shaved ice desserts like the ice kachang take centerstage. It’s shaved ice with beans, jellies, sweets, and other goodies. For a twist on the ice kachang, you could also make your own at home. Just substitute the sweets for fruits and enjoy a healthier version of this well-loved dessert.

  • 5. Cendol

This is another shaved ice dessert, except it’s named for the noodle bits included in the treat. Should you want to try to create a home-made version, make sure you have coconut milk. Don’t forget the grass jelly cubes, as well as creamed corn and vanilla ice cream. For those who love durian, you can add those in too.

  • 6. GorengPisang

These are actually banana fritters. Bananas coated with brown sugar are put into a deep frying pan. The deep frying doesn’t top until the sugar caramelizes. The taste is sweet. It’s popular for kids and adults alike.

  • 7. Popiah

Think burrito. That’s basically what a popiah is. Instead, you’ll find vegetables like carrots, sprouts and beans. There’s also sweet sauce, and maybe even some chili, a few bits of minced garlic and Chinese sausage. Egg, crushed peanuts and shrimp meat make up the rest.