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For years, I have had the privilege of assisting clients with the unfortunate task of being an estate executor/administrator. For most people this is hands-down the toughest situation that they have found themselves in ... ever. Not only have they had the sorrow and grief of a loved one passing, but now they are faced with the task of settling their estate. This alone is a trip into the great unknown! I would say that, by far, the most common response I have received from clients as they complete the final paperwork to close out the estate is that this was the hardest and most challenging event they have walked through.

Arguably the single thing that makes the job of the executor most challenging is the task of unraveling their loved one's financial affairs and daily business dealings. For very good reason, most of us do not have any desire to divulge our affairs to people around us...even those that we tag as the one to administrate our estate. Thus, the executor often steps into a situation where they are required to attempt to figure out everything we had arranged financially or business related. Tough task!

This is where G Micron Group steps in to assist. Our estate organizational service provides the ultimate level of estate organization while at the same time preserving privacy and restricting access as required. Our staff will document, catalog, organize and assemble each and every necessary detail that even remotely pertains to your personal or business affairs. From banking to investment and from grandchildren to philanthropy, our staff leaves no stone unturned. The end result is returned to our client either in encrypted digital book format or in hard-copy, bound book format. Our clients are then highly encouraged to share the result with their existing estate planning team to give them the best opportunity of creating the best possible plan.

We also work hand-in-hand with estate planning professionals to include finacial planners and estate planning attorneys. Our estate organization services are second to none. You will have unprecedented view of the breadth and depth of your clients current personal and business financial picture. Better information allows you to do a better job for your clients.

We provide our services to clients both nationally and internationally. Using industry leading digital and encryption technologies allows us to provide excellent service for our partners and clients no matter where they are located. Contact us for more information.

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