Gloria Torres

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My school hallway photo was obviously taken at school. I like this one because of how empty the hallway is and during school you would never get to see that, so it's like a new sight to look at and take pleasure in.

My pretty flowers photos is one of my favorites. I took it outside my house on a tree that is planted right outside my window. If you zoom in you can actually look at the petals of the flowers, which no one really take notice in.

The rocky road photo was unique. I like the texture of the rock it shows, even through the lens!

The tree branch was my favorite to take. I was just casually walking down my street, finding things to snap a shot at and I just walked onto a field saw this tree and was examing the tree closely, thinking about how I could capture the tree in a different special way. The idea of just adjusting the camera at the end of the branch and taking a picture of the lens towards the tree trunk was put to great use!

Gloria Torres

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