Haley Hester

Photography Portfolio

I took this picture while working on my  elements project. I enjoy the unique point of view on this picture and that it follows the rule of thirds.

Light stick

Half n' Half

I like the way this picture has a nice contrast between the shadow and the light. It also has a nice leading line and taken from a low point of view that is very flattering.

Places of Peace

This picture means a lot to me because in nature is where I can feel the most free and at peace. This photo represents that nicely. It also follows the rule of thirds because the shadow is on the side on the picture.

I like this picture because of the brightness of the sky and the fact that the low angle that this picture is taken from gives it a unique perspective.

Backwards Stop-sign

Holding berries

This picture has a nice depth of field and is also great in the fact that you can see all the details of the hand that is holding the berries very clearly. The picture has a nice contrast between the pale hand and brightly colored berries.

Full Bloom

This picture is a nice example of a verticle that is also taken from and interesting low angle. It has an overall peaceful feel to it.

I love this picture because the natural frame of stones that were around the cross match the circle that is already going around the cross on the actual statue.It is also taken from a good high perspective.

Stone Cross

Plants of Pain

This picture is taken of a very unique plant that I found that gives a good leading line from the edge of the plant to the middle and is taken as a nice close-up to get the interesting detail. Their are some spikes on the side however so I could not get too close.

I like how this picture starts with a close up on the leaves and branches but as you look father into the picture you get the bridge and other things in the background. The arch made out of leaves also provides a good natural frame. There  is a lot to look at in this picture and many great qualities.

Mystery Trail

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