Inferences from The Three Little Pigs

Author: Gavin Bishop
By: Amon Williams

1. "So he huffed and he puffed, and he puffed and he huffed, and at last he blew the house down and ate up the little pig."

Inference- The wolf has blown down the house and captured the pig and ate him.

2. When he found that he couldn't blow the house down, the wolf said, "Little pig, little pig, I know where there is a field of the biggest turnips you've ever seen."

Inference- The wolf tried to blow the brick house down but he couldn't so he tried to get the pig to go with him at six o' clock to get turnips and the wolf could eat him.

3. At the fair he bought a butter churn, and was carrying it home when he saw the wolf in the distance. Quickly he climbed into the churn but the churn toppled over and rolled down the hill with the little pig inside. The wolf was freighted and ran away home.

Inference- My inference is that the pig had climbed into the butter churn and it fell and scared the wolf and he ran away.  

Inference- It looks to me that the wolf has blown away the first pigs house away.

Inference- It looks to me that the pig has gotten some bricks to build himself a house.

Inference- The pig is putting a pot of water on a fire so the wolf will fall into it.

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