The Truth about the Hoarding Disorder

Many people are wrong about what the Hoarding Disorder really is, the most common myth is that people who hoard are weirdos, freaks, lazy and don't even mind the mess in their house. They are very wrong. My opinion is that most people get these thoughts from the hoarding shows where they do not go into detail on the hoarders life and personality. The truth is that people who hoard are bothered by the clutter and dirt, they just learn to block it out from living with it for so long. Also they feel shame and embarrassed for their living conditions.  People who hoard just believe there will be a use for everything in the future so it is harder for them to let go of things. Everyone goes through hard times with parting with something or getting rid of something but for hoarders its a more extreme case of that. Reason why they hold onto so much. They are not lazy and unmotivated, hoarders are just not as able to make decisions or organize what they have like most are able to.

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