52 In 52

The 52 Albums That Define My Love For Music

Album 6/Week 6

WHO: Van Halen "1984"

When: 1984

Why: Another record that my mother played alot, until I got my hands on it. I think "Jump" may have been the first song I ever memorized. As a 5 year old, I didn't really quite understand Van Halen, and what they were all about. I just knew that the songs were fast, fun and loud and that is why I was probably drawn to them. "Panama" and "Hot For Teacher" are some of the best rock songs ever written in my opinion. The Van Hagar years are ok, but they never duplicated the rock that came out of this, or their earlier records.

When: Never got to see them live. Hopefully they will all tour again, but I refuse to see Wolfgang play the bass. Michael Anthony or bust.

There isn't a better video from this era than this:

Alex Van Halen's drums at the beginning of this song, am I right????

Eddies' ripping solos.

Michael Anthony's Mullet.

Diamond Dave, period.

Van Halen will always be one of the best rock bands in history. (Minus the years with Gary Cherone)

Bands like Led Zepplin, The Who, Black Sabbath and more were all over by this time or at the tail end of their careers, so I never really had the chance to get into them as much as I did bands like Van Halen. Although, Van Halen was clearly influenced by those very same bands. Bands like VH will always stick out to me more.