My Career as a physical education teacher

Career Overview

GYM Teachers have to take attendance plan out a lesson for a whole class of students

Helpful Highschool Course

- speech

-team sports

- fitness

-weight lifting

- Heath

Skills and Abilities


-problem solving


Working conditions

conditions are usually indoors some schools have out door sport facilities that the class has access to can be hot or cold


-high school diploma

-bachelor degree

-complete teacher training test

Career Field

lots of related teaching jobs in

- special ed

- early childhood

-job training

- college level


USA- $55160

MN- $53440

Employment outlook

USA-Very large growing

MN- large and staying the same

wait for teachers to retire and new schools

Programs of Study


-secondary education and training

Program Admission

-Bachelor degree($15,000)

Course Work

-genral education

-job training

-physical education classes

schools with this program


Luther College

St. Cloud State

University Of Minnesota


Location- Mankato ,MN


type of school- 4 year

setting- rural

size- 20,000

type- co-ed

religious- no


deadline- August 15

Required Test- Act

Test Scores- vary on age location and grades

typical class size- 1; 56

Informational Interview

the work place and person i did my interview on were both great Mr. sander seemed to love his job and had a great environment to work in. some things i learned was the difference between teaching little kids physical education and teaching elementary. i like that i didn't just interview i got to be in the class with him well he taught and see kinda what it would be like. what i didn't like  is that i was with an elementary class and i was thinking more of a secondary teaching job. my only concern would be dealing with behavioral issues which doesn't really worry me that much. the advice that i revived is to make sure that you really want to be a gym teacher and be ready to deal with kids and move where ever a job opening is.i did not discover another exciting occupations to pursue. the working environment was great it took place in a gym which is one of my favorite places top be when i cant be outside. i think i would be happy ion this occupation i would get to teach kids about things i love to do.

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