Redford won the role of Sarah Platt's

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Coronation Street have now sacked Katie Redford and will recast the role of Bethany Platt after it was revealed that she was 25, rather than 19. Redford won the role of Sarah Platt's 14-year-old daughter, with ITV billing the actress as being 19 in real life.

However, soap fans uncovered that she could in fact be 25, 11 years older than Bethany is supposed to be.

According to an online CV – which was discovered, then removed, but still possible to see on a cached page – her birth date is listed as March 2, 1989.

Her username on Twitter, meanwhile, was 'katieredford89', however, this is now been changed to 'katieredfordtlc'.

A spokesperson for the programme said: "'Coronation Street' has taken the decision to recast the part of Bethany Platt."

The search for a new Bethany will start straight away as the 14-year-old character and her mother Sarah-Louise Platt are due for a major storyline on their return in the spring.

It is believed that bosses already have another actress in mind for the part.

The role was previously played by child actors Mia Cookson, and Amy and Emily Walton, and was last seen on the show in 2007.

Speaking about the character, Corrie producer Stuart Blackburn said: “Full of mischief and with a real lust for life Bethany is an unpredictable force of nature who will bring joy and chaos in equal measure, turning their household upside down.

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