Elements and Principles of Design

Point All of the lines of the leaf are drawn back to the point that is at the top of the stem.
Line All of the lines in the picture align to create an image. (a circle)
Color Shows a ray of colors that are painted on these boards
Value It goes from dark (the body) to gradually get light as it reaches the head of the Rhino.
Shape All different shapes that are 2D and enclosed by lines or curves.
Form This building is a solid that is 3D but is implied 2D. This building involves different shapes such as a rectangle.
Space In the picture above, in between the trees there is are areas that imply depth. This would be considered as space.
Texture The surface of the rope looks tough and ragged. The texture of it looks dry.
Balance The stones in the picture have equal distribution of each other and give the look of balance.
Emphasis The red door draws attention to itself by being the brightest thing in the picture.
Contrast The blue berry is the different one out of all of the red berries.
Rhythm This picture shows the repeated pattern of a "squiggly" line of colors.
Proportion The normal sized tomato is put next to a tomato that is out of proportion. The tomato to the right is too big and not relative.
Unity The consistency of using Marilyn Monroe's face over and over again. All looks the same and in harmony.
Economy In this picture, it uses the bare minimum. Only uses the colors red and black.
Parallelogram A four-sided polygon with both pairs of opposite sides parallel.
Prism A solid geometric figure whose two ends are similar and sides are paralleogram.
Vertex Each point of a polygon, polyhedron, or other figure.
Variety Different kinds of fruit that are shown in the picture. They all differentiate but all are considered as fruit. Just like humans.
Gestalt In this picture you really only have individual pieces but your human eye puts them together or adds in parts to create a dog.

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