Halo Reach

By: Tanner Nichols

Halo Reach is a video game of six spartan's that die in the halo campaign (expect for Jun). They die special ways to save the human race.

Carter is noble one. Carter is a blue combat commando. Carter is the leader of the noble team. Carter’s main weapon is the DMR. Carter is a great leader he lead noble team to victory in the battle of reach.

Kat is noble two. Kat is a cyan air assault. Kat has a robotic arm that she lost in a battle. Kat’s main weapon is a M6 magnum and sometimes an assault rifle. Kat is the hacker of the group she is the smartest of the group. kat

saved the noble team in battle.

Jun is noble three. Jun is a dark green scout. Jun is the only person who survives on the noble team. Jun’s main weapon is the sniper

rifle. Jun is the over look spartan of the

group. Jun has saved the noble team by

looking out for them.

Emile is noble four. Emile is a silver EVA. Emile has a painted skull on his helmet. Emile’s main weapon is the shotgun. Emile is the tough guy of the team, he was stabbed by an energy sword twice. Emile has saved the team by taking a hit for the team.

Jorge is noble five. Jorge is a dirty gold type color grenadier. Jorge has a neck pad. Jorge’s main weapon is a chain gun. Jorge is the heavy guy of the team, he has bulky armor. Jorge has saved the noble team by stopping an army of covenant forces.

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