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Here's what's in the October 14, 2013 edition of Ministry Briefing...


  • American Bible Society Fires President
  • New Jersey Churches Merge to Benefit Both Congregations
  • Creationists Battle Atheists Via Bilboards
  • Day of Prayer Led by Jack Hayford
  • Bible College in Prison Offers Hope
  • Benefits Extended to Same Sex Couples by Exxon
  • Freedom From Religion Foundation Founder Was Evangelical
  • Catholic Priest Has Protestant Supporters for Sainthood
  • Pastor Announces Campaign for Governor Hoping for a Miracle from God
  • Government Shutdown Hurts the People God Cares About
  • Call for Sanity from the Senate Chaplain
  • Catholic University Struggles Over Abortion in Health Plan
  • Daily Spending is Evidence of Recovery
  • Majority of Americans Favor Raising the Debt Ceiling
  • Alternate Wedding Location Offered at National Cathedral
  • Hunger Has Been Reduced but Remains Major Problem for Many
  • Chaplains Restored to Military Bases
  • Does Religion Improve Your Health?


  • Billy Graham Unknown by Younger Generation
  • STUDY: Are There Disadvantages for Children of Same-Sex Parents?
  • FiancĂ©' Used to Describe Relationship Without Marriage Plans
  • Billboard Speaks to Pornography and Human Trafficking Problems
  • Millennials in the Church Need Relationships
  • Public University in Alabama Adds Religious Dorm
  • School District Cancels Christmas Programs
  • Atheism Will Gain Greater Acceptance in Culture, According to Maher
  • NEW STUDY: Parenting is Exhausting But Rewarding
  • Most Americans Commute by Car


  • Methodists Disagree Over "Online Communion"
  • Will the Anglican Church Split?
  • Episcopal Church in South Carolina Fights Over Seal


  • Saddleback Church Adds Hong Kong Campus
  • Churches Asked to Hep Public School Students
  • Baptists Encourage Families to Give Toward Fighting Hunger


  • Malcolm Gladwell Returns to Mennonite Roots
  • Mark Driscoll: Will Christianity Thrive or Die?
  • Pat Robertson Takes on Low Carb Diets


  • Twitter Grows Overseas
  • Mobile Phones Will Reach 5 Billion Users in Four Years
  • Google and Facebook Dominate Global Internet Use
  • Hotmail Recycles Inactive Accounts
  • Facebook Plans to Build Residence for Workers
  • Majority of Americans Victims of Online Fraud
  • SnapChat Adds New Story Feature
  • Google Leads the Way in Mobile Products
  • Twitter Becomes New Measure for Nielsen Ratings


  • Pastor of National Cathedral: Homophobia is a Sin
  • POLL: Evangelicals Believe God Gave Israel to the Jewish People
  • Religion at Center of Supreme Court's Latest Cases
  • Innovation Needs Room to Happen
  • Pastor Steals Money for Wife's Pop Music Career
  • Pastors Share Responsibilities for the First Time
  • Pastors Trained in Ministry Labs


  • Restaurant Serves Communion Wafer to Garnish Burger


  • Christians in Bangladesh Pressured to Convert to Islam
  • Woman Elected Bishop of South Indian Anglican Church
  • Armenian Church Faces Uncertain Future
  • Are Evangelicals Working Too Much?
  • Christians Make Up Majority of African Migrants

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