What a heartthrob! Once you start, you might want to keep playing!Meow! if anyone wants to cat lovers easy game.
Do you want to try a new puzzle game? Why don't you try Loafycat!We've filled this game with full of cuteness.As you play more you'll get more high-scoring knowledges!
Made by the cat loving developer with the puzzle game expert's expertise.Compete with your friends by score and enjoy the puzzle with these lovely cats!

Very easy and simple gameplay!
Collect three or more of the same shape.

・Simple and Cute Cat Puzzle gameThere's no complex rules to enjoy! ・10 Different Cats to collectCollect them all by playing the game!
・Presents from catsThe cats will give you a present as you play!
・Beautiful and Colorful ItemsMatch 4 Blocks to make a Flower.Match 5 Blocks to make a Star.Match 6 or more Blocks to make a Rainbow.The Mystery cat turns randomly into a random block on next turn.Use Pushypaw Item to break a block. ・Global leaderboard and Various AchievementsObtain achievements while playing.Compare your score with friends or other persons!