Legacy Unit Culminating Assignment
A Reflection of Myself

Hello,I am Manoli and I am a student at Allan Drive Middle School. I am a respectful kid,being polite and nice to people. I am also a kid who is caring,helping students to go to their classroom or helping them do their homework. I am an honest student,don't lie to anyone and always tell the truth.

My guiding things in life are to be honest,thoughtful and caring.

I listen to the 80's a lot because I like them and my dad started to showing me the 80's,that's how I did it. I play soccer a lot,I like it,it's a good sport and I play it,because I was watching it when I was a little kid. I draw sometimes because my mom used to tell me about drawing when I was a little kid. I am responsible at home because I help my parents with things and do my homework.

I would be smarter,because I could read to pass high school or university. I would be more funnier because I could make more people think that I am funny. I would be a better person because I could have respect to my friends and my friends to me. I am honest because I don't lie to people if I have to,I am nice and polite also.

I would be myself and most of the times my friends don't like it. I would like my friends that don't think that I am not cool. I would like my friends that think that I'm cool and a good friend,nothing else. I am a better person,I am polite,nice,honest,respectful and responsible. I think that I am a lucky person with all of these together,nothing is impossible.

Without these I would be ok still but I have one just because I'm talking with friends. When I'm in these websites I think that is nice that my friends are talking to me. When I go off,I still talk to them through cellphone or playing video games. I am respectful to everyone and always will. I have respect to everyone but most of all,I have a lot of respect to my family.

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