Battle of cold harbor

One of The most bloodiest, craziest battle America ever faced

New Cold harbor
Where two battle fields met

(From picture above) Around this crossroads is bloody ground. To the right of the Field of Gaines' mill on first Cold Harbor Fought June 27, 1862, with 14,800 casualties. To the left is second Cold Harbor, near which 17,000 (Soldiers) fell, May 30,-June 12, 1864.

It was bloody, scary and terrible, but the war is not over......Yet

In the bloody battle, the Union was high to win with 108,000 soldiers and the Confederacy with 59,000, but as unlikely as it was, the Confederacy won. 

What happened?

                                            Funny facts and "Did you know?"

Lee was (in this battle) staying in an abandoned church called "Shady Grove Church". That sounds pretty shady to me! There are many books published about the bloody battle including the book "Not War, but Murder: Cold Harbor, 1864" by Ernest Furgurson about how the war was more killing then battle. This battle was Grant's final battle for his Overland Campaign.

                                     The Union and the Confederacy's strategy

The Union: The Union's idea was to go in a U formation (Ha ha! Union!) and then spread outwards to the Confederates around them, and they had so many men that the every Confederate solder had to kill 2 or more men from the Union. Even though the opposing team was outnumbered, the Union had sewn there names on there jackets to prevent from being buried as "Unknown".

The Confederacy: The Confederacy's idea was to just charge at the Union and fight, making history, and winning the battle. The Union, panicked, retreated.

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