WOW! You walk into a tropical rain forest and you see a big huge gorilla. Gorillas live up to 40 to 50 years old. But they star showing old signs of age at 35.


you should read this to help you take care of a gorilla. I know what your thinking but they might escape from the zoo and ind up at your front door.

What Types of  Gorillas There Are?

There is Four kinds of gorillas. There is the western lowland gorilla, the Eastern gorilla, an the mountion gorilla. Also the Silverback gorilla.

What do they eat to be healthy?

Gorillas sometimes eat green plants or fruit. They also eat tree bark. They also eat carrots but don't feed them to much carrots or they will get sick.

Behavior And social Habitats

If you bother gorillas when they are sleeping They get really mad and aggressive. Most of the time the males are the leaders. The females only fight if the babies are in real danger.


Escape: Break Free

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