The Lost Generation- Powerpoint/Summary

By: Sara R.


  • Hemingway’s novel : “ The Sun also Rises” – gave to the current term: ‘The Lost Generation’
  • It was generally assumed that the novel proclaimed the existence of a lost generation of war casualties
  • Hemingway’s a Moveable Feast, 20- ‘ All of the people who served in the war are a Lost Generation- You have no respect for anything, you drink yourselves to death’.
  • A whole generation of American writers had been uprooted from their attachment to any locality or local tradition
  • Fitzgerald’s first Novel: ‘ The Side of Paradise’ Armorie Blaine confesses belonging to a Generation dedicated to the fear of poverty and worship of success. These writers were moving farther from home. Thousands of them became veritable exiles living in Paris and adhering to a theory of art which held that the art is independent of any localities, classes and nations
  • The Crack up (1933): auto-biographical essays. The most expensive orgy in history
  • In Post- war Paris they found the repression of America and found cheap living, laissez faire standards of conduct, a sense of community, and a sense that they were at the cutting edge of art
  • The dollar was worth much more in France and the number of francs to the dollars increased as the decade advanced
  • The ambulance corps were college extensions courses for a generation of writers
  • Served as correspondents in the war: John Dos Passos, Raymond Chandler, Ernest Hemingway. However, Fitzgerald, Faulkner and Dashiell Hammet enlisted to have the war end before they could see active duty
  • Cummings, Dos Passos, Hemingway and Faulkner found in the war the subject-matter of their first book. Cumming- The Enormous Room (1922), Hemingway- In our Time ( 1925) and Faulkner- Soldier’s Pay (1926)
  • Hemingway arrived to Italy as a member of the Red Ambulance Corps- June 1918. Ernest was the first American to be injured in Italy
  • Hundreds of shrapnel fragment ripped into Hemingway’s legs. -The Italians awarded him the medal of gallantry under fire because he was struck by two machine gun bullets in his right leg and mainly because he carried a wounded soldier on his back-
  • T.S. Eliot- 1922, The Wasteland- A modern civilization dragged to its ruin by its lack of faith and by the disasters of war.
  • Letters Home: Lance- Corporal Frank Earley. In July, 1918, -his letters were full of enthusiasm- he wrote: ‘as you see, I am still alive and well, and as usual enjoying life to the full’ and Harry Crosby was diagnosed as a shell-shock victim: ‘ we who have known war must never forget war’