8 Days Harbin ice wonderland Exploration

Over 5,000 years of fascinating history endows China with a profound culture, which penetrates in every aspect of the life of the local people, especially Harbin ice wonderland. We always asked to try the local dishes and we found all of the meals delicious. Transportation is much more efficient, ensuring that your trip runs smoothly.

During the Harbin ice wonderland you'll dip yourself into the standout works of nature by mountain climbing, river cruise, countryside strolling and cable car ride.The inconvenient location of Harbin did bring one benefit, which was that the natural environment and the historical layout of the township remain unspoiled.It is along with typical ancient buildings found along the China, with plenty of local color and customs mixed in.So amazing! If I have time in the following year, I will go there once again with my family.

Thank you for organizing an excellent tour in Harbin ice wonderland. We are not the only ones who feel this way. Everyone in our group each felt the very same way.Minority festivals and souvenirs are popular with tourists. You can half a dozen newspapers and flip through the pages as you like in this place.

Many camp here overnight to catch the breathtaking view of the first rays of the sun kissing the soaring ramparts of its watchtowers and coating the blue waters of the Harbin with a golden hue.It is easy for me to start travelAll kinds of news about Harbin ice wonderland have been talked for years, I think it is time to have my version as soon as I return to US.We have just arrived back this morning from an absolutely delightful, informative and enjoyable holiday in your wonderful country.

This tour is perfect for visitors who want a more tour to China. One thing I want to comment on about all of Harbin ice festival 2015 was the great work of our guide, Marco. This is the city which is full of energy. Smiles on everyone's face, warm hug in old friend's talking and friendly helps of the local people are the treasures of this beautiful city.

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