Inferences From "ThePrincess And The Pea." ByRachelIsadora BY:HANNAH

The prince wanted to marry a real princess, so he traveled all over the world in the hopes of finding such lady.

The prince traveled to find a real princess and not a fake one that just wanted to marry the prince.

There was something about each princess that was not quite right, so the prince came home again and was sad.

The prince couldn't find the right princess and so he stopped looking for the right one. He was very sad

One evening, there was a terrible storm. Suddenly a knocking was heard at the gate, the old king opened the gate. There stood a princess standing at the gate.

There was a bad storm outside and probably needed a place to stay. They let her in because she was a real princess.                                                                   

They watched her go to bed with a pea on the bedstead and took twenty mattresses and twenty feather beds.

The princess slept badly that night. The prince knew that she was a real princess.

The princess was a real princess. So the prince married her.

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