My name is Rider. I have a brother, sister, mom, and dad. My dad is a supervisor at UPS and my mom stays home. My brother Stafford is a student here, as most of you know, and my sister Gentry is in 5th grade. I'm a pilot in training and I also love baseball. This picture is of my family and I at my first Pirates game on my birthday in 2014.

3 Things About Me

Private Piloting

I am currently a pilot in training at North Coast Flight School and will be able to get my Private Pilot's License when I am 17. I fly a Cessna 172 Skyhawk. I have been taking flight lessons for 3 years. Above, is the exact plane I have flown and, what the cockpit of the plane looks like.

Military History Lover

I love anything to do with the history of war. I love to research it, read about it, and watch movies about it. I know most about both sides in the two world wars. I love history in general but mostly ww2. It's a very interesting topic and I just love to keep learning more and more about it.


Most people don't know this, but I am a big time gamer. I love playing video games, whether it's PC or Console, but I'm mostly a PC gamer. I have met people all around the world from gaming. People from Canada, Florida, and even the UK.

My Goals

My Goals in life are:

- To graduate flight school and get my private pilot's license. I've always wanted to be a pilot since I was little. Now, I'm following that dream. It would mean so much if I got my pilot's license.

- To graduate high school and go to college. These days, not to many people go to college. I am determined to go to college and get my degree. I want to graduate college and be able to get a great job.

- To travel more. I usually do not travel. I've only been to 9 states. I would like to travel to a different country or somewhere far west. I would like to try new things and go new places.

Place I've Always Wanted To go:
Berlin, Germany

I have always wanted to go to Berlin, Germany. It has a lot of history there and,I love history. Berlin is a very big city. I've never been to a big city before, besides Washington D.C. I've always wanted to go to Germany. It's an amazing place and has great attractions. It would also be the farthest I've ever been from home.

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