Conflicts within the Government of

Thailand's military is conveying false promises about the way they are going to run there country. The military lifted martial law and replaced it with draconian power. The leader is a man named General Prayuth Chan-ocha. A little background is the military participated in a coup on the government last May of 2014. In that coup, General Prayuth took over. When General Prayuth first came into power he promised free elections and return of civilian rule. None of these actions that he has promised have happened. Instead General Prayuth made himself head of all executive, judicial, and legislative powers. Under Article 44 of Thailand's Constitution, he is allowed to search, seizure, and arrest people with no questions asked. All human activists, journalists, politicians and bloggers have been arrested. The US has urged General Prayuth to drop martial law and replace it with a democratic government. General Prayuth listened to the first part but ignored the second part and replaced it with an even stricter government

The main opponents in this are the Thailand government and the Thailand military.

The other countries that are concerned are Thailand's allies, which are the United States and other East Asian Pacific countries.

The conflict is being conducted through the military having all the power in the country and is arresting everyone who disagrees with them.

The cause of this conflict is that the military did not agree with the previous government and decided to take over and change the government.

There aren't many efforts that are being made in the country because if they do, they will get arrested. It is the countries allies that are trying to solve the issue non-violently.


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