R/P Flip Ship

The last week I saw in the TV a scientific program that shows the R/V Flip Ship and called my complete attention because I never saw something similar. This is a scientific ship of the United States of America, and was designed for different studies like: wave height, water temperature and density, acoustic signals, and recording meteorological data.

The reason is simple, when a ship is floating in the water, the waves makes a lot of movement, but when the ship flips 90Ā° the movement is reduced only to an average of 1 meter, and turns imposible to sink.

As you can see in the last picture, the ship uses their 108 meters (355 ft) as a tank, and fill this tank with water and air in approximately one and a half hour. The tank is in only one side of the ship, so it helps to flip. Inside the ship all the furniture flips with ship.