Life is a journey

down a winding path

Hiking La Malinche, a volcano in Tlaxcala, Mexico

My life is a journey down a winding path,

With hills to climb, valleys to cross, slopes to descend.

Some roads are straight and narrow,

Others with endless twists and turns.

Sometimes I may not be able to see what is around the bend,

I may not be sure which way to go when two roads diverge,

But, if I turn my experiences along this great, winding path

Into valuable lessons learned,

Every labored step of the way is worth it.

When I finally reach the end of my journey,

What have I seen?

What did I encounter along the way?

Did I make my journey worthwhile?

Where have I been?

Along the Camino de Santiago in the Basque country in Southern France...
At the peak of El Cerro de la Cruz in Nicoya, Costa Rica
At the Blue Ridge Parkway in Boone, NC

Where am I now?

Where will I go?

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