"42" and "Remember the Titans "

By Destini Oehlertz


The Brooklyn Dodgers had a new idea of bringing  a black person to the game of baseball. Only whites had ever played in the major leagues. They are bringing in a player named Jackie Robinson. They are going to pay him but only if he can agree to keep his cool while playing.  

They then begin to tell about Jackie's life. Jackie and his wife got married so that she could come along with him to his games. They couldn't get on a plane cause they didn't allow blacks on the plane, so they took a bus. Jackie showed everyone up at practice. at his first game he and the pitcher went at it the pitcher was getting frustrated and Jackie scored. The second game the police kicked Jackie out of the game because he was black.

Jackie's wife gets pregnant and she has to stay home with the baby as Jackie goes on another spring training. On the training he gets moved to first base where he has to learn how to play there. The coach tells the other white players that they are going to have to play with Jackie weather they like it or not, and that they are easily replaceable.

Jackie got moved to play with the Brooklyn Dodgers. Some people are all for blacks playing baseball others not so much. Jackie has a lot of pressure on him and it is really hard for him to keep his cool when other teams are yelling at him and putting him down.

The Phillies coach was being really mean to Jackie calling him name Jackie finally broke, went into the locker room and broke down the owner of the team talked to Jackie and gave him some confidents one of Jackie's teammates helps him out. Then they go to Phillies and they arent aloud to stay in the hotel the phillie coach has a change in heart and takes a picture with Jackie so he looks good.

Jackie still gets heat from the teams he plays but his teams eventually comes around and starts appreciating him. Jackie's rivals think the only way to get to Jackie is to hurt him. Jackie doesn't let injuries get to him. Jackie ends up winning the big game for the Dodgers.

A scene from the movie "42" When one of Jackie's teammates starts to appreciate Jackie and honor him for being a star player and key component in the game.

HOW discrimination CHANGED THROUGHOUT         THE Film.

At the beginning of the movie no one wanted to have anything to do with Jackie besides the owner of the Dodgers. His teammates wouldn't even talk to him let alone respect him. They did however acknowledge him but only to look down upon him. Throughout the movie certain teammates realized that they needed Jackie one by one. After realizing that they needed Jackie they encouraged him and started to stand up for him whenever he was in a tough situation with someone discriminating him. Though a few players on Jackie's team never came around to appreciate him by the end of the movie most of the team was for Jackie playing on their team.

Connecting to the Audience.

The way the movie "42" connects to the audience is more of a stand view of it. We as a class of a new era know that discriminating is wrong. Personally I think how could they treat one this way because I know and have learned about that it is wrong. Depending on the age group of the audience will determine the result of how it touch one another.

"42" and "Remember the Titans

By Destini Oehlertz

"Remember the Titans"

Two schools a white school and a black school come together. They have to be on one football team. The white head coach loses his job to a black guy and the white football players aren't happy about it. The black coach says either be on my team and work with me or don't be on my team at all it doesnt matter to me. They go on a team training camp and they are all rommies with the opposite race. If you can't hang at camp you get kicked out. Everyone has to try to get to know the opposite race or they will keep practicing until everyone does.

While they are at camp they still argue, but the boys eventually come around. They all had to work hard at camp eventually camp was over. They came back and the parents and everyone else were upset that it was school time and that they were finally sharing a school. The first games comes around and they start off not doing to well people get frustrated. The white coach fixes things around give people oppertunities in other possisins that they never had before and the game does a 360.

They continued to play the game. The people in the community weren't seeing the boys the same, but the football boys were treating each other more of close friends and better teammates. They call a meeting and talk about they need to start having more pride and playing for their coach because their coach has done so much for them. They warm up by singing and dancing. One guy gets hurt then they put in the second string man and he wins the game for them.

They are loosing a game and they think it is becuase the refs aren't being fair. The coaches talk to the boys and they start playing harder than ever. They end up winning that night they celebrate and Gary wants to hangout with his friend Julius but he hangs with his girlfriend instead. That night he gets in a car crash that leaves him hurt and out of the big game.

They then go on to play in the state championship game. They were down in the big game at half time them they were given an insperation speech and they come back in the second half 3 to 7 the other team fumbles the ball they get it and score and win the state championship it later goes on and says what happened to all the players once football is over.

In the clip from "Remember the Titans," The Assistant Coach Yoast shows that you have to do the right thing regardless of the cost. It doesn't matter who the player is if he works hard and deserves to play, he will play.


At the beginning of the film no one is happy that the two schools (one white, one black) will be joined together as one school this previous year. Both the players and the white coach were upset about the situation. Both races wanted nothing to do with each other. The black head coach didn't care what anyone had to say. They were all there for one reason and that was for the love of football. The head coach only gave them the option to grow closer to each other. If they would choose not to do so they would not be on the team. As the movie went on the footballs players started to realize that they needed each other. Even though they had differences they sent them aside for football. As the season went on they started to get to know each other on a more personal note, and because they wanted to get to know each other. When school started the other students didn't want anything to do with the opposing race, but once they saw the football players interact with each other they started to come around too. By the end of the movie some players might even consider the other players some of their best friends.

Connection with the Audience

This film unites the crowd in various ways. Everybody has been in a circumstance where they need to set aside distinction for the sole purpose of something.


Between both films they started out not wanting anything to do with the opposing race, but through each movie they grew over time. People set aside differences for the love of a game. They ended up not only tolerating each other but liking each other. In both movies they ended with no discrimination.

What did I learn?

I learned that is hard for anyone to accept other people. Coming from an era that specifically didn't like the other race made it even harder. It is not always going to be east to accept people. In the end it is best to always give someone the chance. You never know how a person can help you and can contribute to you as well.

Todays world

In todays world it is not as bad as it once was. People still often put up a good front to avoid certain races. Society has shaped us to be stereotypical. As people today it is our decision and are actions weather to accept people or not.