road trip project

By Blanca Hernandez

City #1- Richmond, Virginia

City #2- Albany, Georgia

City #3- Orlando, Florida

City #4- Miami, Florida

City#5- San francisco, California

5 cities

Days staying

City #1- Richmond, Virginia-3

City #2- Albany, Georgia-5

City #3- Orlando, Florida-5

City #4- Miami, Florida-6

City #5- San Francisco, California-6

Type of car

2012 Jeep Wrangler

Miles per gallon in Jeep

17.9 mpg

Total cost of Jeep


Total fuel cost

379.47 gallons

Virginia beach

Albany, Georgia

Orlando, Florida

Miami, Florida

San Francisco, California

Cost of hotel


Cost of meal


Total cost of the whole trip



I like going to all the cities in the U.S. because i never been to some of them and i have gone to some of them. The cities i really want to go is Albany, Georgia, Miami, Florida, and San Francisco, California because i think it is fun. i would like to go back to Virginia because i have friends there and going to Virginia beach.