Paris and the 7 Factors of Climate

By: Anna Praiswater

The 7 Factors of Climate

  1. Latitude
  2. Temperature
  3. Precipitation
  4. Topography
  5. Elevation
  6. Large Bodies of Water
  7. Ocean Currents

Paris has a latitude of 2.3508°. The city of lights is located very close to the equator which means that it will get more direct sunlight than other places, making it warmer year round . The temperature in Paris ranges from between 41°F in the winter and 68°F in the summer, because of the milder climate in Paris many organisms are able thrive. Paris has an gets an average of 24-25 in of precipitation each year, this affects the climate because the rain will make the climate more humid. The topography of France is varied, Paris is generally very flat but has a number of hill running through it. the city of Paris is about 115 ft above sea level and the highest point is around 485.5 ft, the highest point in Paris will be the coldest because of the elevation. There are no large bodies of water or ocean currents in Paris however the river Seine cuts through the city which makes it milder year round because the river take longer to lose solar energy than land and the river warms the city up, the opposite happens in the winter.

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