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Instructional Technology
Professional Development

Appy Hour

Teachers, Administration, & Instructional Technology Coaches across the county gathered together throughout designated months to share best practices with iPads and new Apps. Apps were shared through a gallery walk and posted on for collaboration across the District.

Technology Boot Camp

Before the 1:1 rollout of devices for students in grades 4-12, Technology Boot Camp was offered to help give educators a "jump start" on the digital resources the District has provided and the devices themselves. Courses ranged from integration of technology based resources to iPad/Macbook 101 courses for beginners.

Here are some responses from our attendees of our Instructional Technology Professional Development:

"I am looking forward to using the information in my class. "Thank you. Learned a lot. I am excited to use these resources in the classroom." "This was a great course. I am so glad I signed up for it, being that it will really enhance student learning." "Great job! Thanks for sharing such cool websites!"

Technology Cafe

Courses are offered after school and during the school day through PLCs. Schools can choose a topic from the menu with our Tech Cafe 2 Go Menu or Educators can attend face to face session in our District Computer Labs.

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