Steve Jobs

The smartest man alive!

Steve Jobs Accomplishments

Steve Jobs had many accomplishments in his lifetime. A couple of his big ones are being the Co Founder, chairman and CEO for Apple and changing the technology world forever. He has also did a lot of charity, including donating 150 million to a well known cancer center called The Hellen Diller Cancer Center. Did you know that most of the technology used today was founded by Steve Jobs? This includes the Iphone, Ipod, Imac, and Ipad. He was the first person to present an all animated movie called Toy Story. In addition to this he is a philantrophy.

Why is Steve Jobs A Hereo

Steve Jobs was a hero in many ways! He introduced a new way of living, helped the world understand technology better, and did charity work. Jobs introduced a new of living with his inventions of technology. He changed the U.S. and the rest of the world by making life easier. He also made the world understand technology better by sharing his smartness with the rest of the world. His smartness changed the technology world forever. He was also considered one of the smartest man alive! Steve Jobs was not just smart he was also very caring. In fact he privately donated 150 million dollars to the Hellen Diller Cancer Center. This made him not only a hero in technology but also a hero in the charity world!


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