Felicity Weir

March 24th, 2015
Memory Moment

             When Melinda and Heather go to pep rally, something really stands out to me and peaks my curiosity. Melinda had sat down on the bleachers when a long black finger nail pokes her. The girl belonging to that finger nail, had overheard Heather say Melinda's name. The girl says something about her ruining a party last year by calling the cops. She states that Melinda is the reason her brother got arrested that night. The author allows us to hear what Melinda thinks about this when we hear her think to herself that they don't know the reason why she had to call the cops. This makes me wonder what kind of situation Melinda was put in, and if this is the reason why she is having such a tough freshman year. I could only imagine what would have happened to Melinda if she would not have called the cops that night. I hope to soon find out what the true situation was when i further read into " Speak".

March 25th,2015
Aha Moment

           Melinda is struggling with fitting in in high school. She believes if she could just find a friend, she'd be fine. Then, her and Heather come up with a plan to join several clubs to in a sense, " climb the social latter". Melinda is not a fan of this plan, so instead she comes about a different way to survive the jungle of high school. She steals a pad of late passes from Hairwoman, and finds an abandoned janitor's closet. She decides she will clean up this closet and make it her " hangout. I imagine she believes it would make high school a lot easier if she had a get away spot. Yet, I also wonder if someone is going to discover her small safe haven and if high school ,afterall, will get better for her.

March 26th,2015
Contrasts and Contradictions

            When Melinda first starts high school, she has a tough time making friends. Although, thanks to a new student, Heather, that changes. Heather and Melinda begin to form a friendship. When Melinda goes over Heather's house, she first seems to feel slightly awkward. Later, she seems to be more comfortable. She learns to smile when expected, and even feels comfortable hanging out on a regular. Heather's mom really likes Melinda and says that Heather should invite some of Melinda's friends over for a sleepover ( she doesn't quite know Melinda's unfortunate situation).

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