Cultural Geography Simulation
Rebekah Desmarais

Who was involved?

Groups involved were the Army and Wealthy, the Government, the USA, the Guerrillas, and the Peasants. The Army and wealthy had the most power over all until the USA invaded and then they got more power.

Power Shifts

Power shifted to different groups though military attacks, treaties, and when groups became allies with others. It shifted because different groups wanted the power so they teamed up with people and had conflict with other people.

Cooperation & Conflict

Cooperation and conflict was shown when groups made treaties and when groups were against other groups. When the USA invaded we all had a conflict with them but then all the groups had cooperation to beat them.

USA's Role

At first the USA was looking to help people and they even made treaties with different groups. Then they took over and gave all the groups instructions. They gave the Army and Wealthy the option to join their army or die. They offered welfare for the peasants. They imprisoned the Guerrillas. They offered to hold an election for the government.

What happens when power shifts?

When power shifts it can be good or bad. When it shifts up it is good because the country has more money and things. When it shifts down it is bad because the country becomes poor and they don't have much.

Cooperation and Conflict in My Life

In my family there is both cooperation and conflict when my parents tell what to do. There is also cooperation and conflict in my friendships. I cooperate with friends that are similar to me and I conflict with friends i don't agree with.

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