My Halloween Story

    My Halloween was kind of boring and fun at the sametime.I wore a jester hat, with a skull mask with a knife through my eye, my knee pads, my jersey, and a jacket under. My cousins,aunts,sisters,brother,and I was suppose to go to the church across Davis park but,it was to packed. We left at 8:30pm. The rain made us wet but, it did not mess up our night. Next we decided to go to the mall instead.We thought they would be giving out candy. Everywhere I went little kids started to cry because of my costume.I was laughing in my mask.I got candy from other people because of my costume.Then I went to a little playground in the mall to watch my little cousin.Out of no were these random kids hopped on my leg and told me to drag them.I did an d they got rug burn and they got off and ran.We barley got any candy so we left and bought pizza and got a huge bag of candy.We got home at 12:00pm. I had enough to last me a couple days. That was my Halloween.   

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